Congratulations to this year’s competition winners and finalists!


There were 326 entries for 2014 in the Novel category. Of that total, 67 entries were from Louisiana authors. The remainder represent 19 states and four foreign countries.

The Novel category was judged by: Jeff Kleinman. Jeff is a literary agent, intellectual property attorney, and founding partner of Folio Literary Management, LLC, a New York literary agency which works with all of the major U.S. publishers and ( through subagents) with most international publishers.  He’s a graduate of Case Western Reserve University (J.D.), the University of Chicago (M.A., Italian), and the University of Virginia (B.A. with High Distinction in English).  As an agent, Jeff feels privileged to have the chance to learn an incredible variety of new subjects, meet an extraordinary range of people, and feel, at the end of the day, that he’s helped to build something – a wonderful book, perhaps, or an author’s career.  His authors include Garth Stein, Robert Hicks, Charles Shields, Bruce Watson, Neil White, Philip Gerard, and the late Dean Faulkner Wells. His interests include nonfiction: especially narrative nonfiction with a historical bent, but also memoir, health, parenting, aging, nature, pets, how-to, nature, science, politics, military, espionage, equestrian, biography. His fiction interests include very well-written, character-driven novels; some suspense, thrillers; otherwise mainstream commercial and literary fiction. He is not interested in fiction for children, romance, mysteries, westerns, poetry, or screenplays and novels about serial killers, suicide, or children in peril (kidnapped, killed, raped, etc.)

Last year, Jeff judged the Narrative Non-Fiction Book Competition. He selected Paradise Misplaced by Alex Sheshunoff of Ojai, CA. Jeff was so enthusiastic about his winner that he signed him as a client. We have just learned that Jeff has sold Alex’s book in a lively auction to New American Library, a division of Penquin. The acquiring editor is Tracy Bernstein. Congratulations to Jeff and Alex for their success. The book will be published under a new title: Beginner’s Guide to Paradise.

2014 Novel Category

Kitchens of the Great Midwest
, J. Ryan Stradal, Los Angeles, CA

First Runner-up:
The Talented Tenth
, Ladee Hubbard, Champaign, IL

Second Runner-up:
The Invention of Violet
, Amy Boutell, Santa Barbara, CA

Third Runner-up:
Sunrise for Asphodel
, Dan Turtel, New York, NY

Advice for the Wicked
, Glen Pitre, New Orleans, LA
A Stone for Bread, Miriam Herin, Greensboro, NC
Mask of Sanity, Jacob Appel, New York, NY
Scoop the Loop, Charles Holdefer, Brussels, Belgium
The Lenin Plot, Barnes Carr, Houston, TX
The Truth Project, Tad Bartlett, New Orleans, LA and J. Ed Marston, Chattanooga, TN

Short List
And That’s Called Sad
, Bálint Hancz, London, UK
A Gathering Place, Vicki Salloum, New Orleans, LA
A Perfect Day for an Expat Exit, Robert Raymer, Kuching, Sarawak, Malasia
A Stone for Bread, Miriam Herin, Greensboro, NC
Awakened Women, Helen Archeris, Newark, NJ
Baltimore, 1894, James Miller, New Orleans, LA
Bad of Country, Tadzio Koelb, New York, NY
Because of One Lie, Rachel Gillett, Houston, TX
Blue Yonder, Stephen Pett, Ames, IA
Body 571, Jeanette Hacker, Highland, IN
Bully Club Escapades, William J. Jackson, New Orleans, LA
Cane Press, Nancy Brock, Columbia, SC
Daughter of Man, Erica Obey, New York, NY
Dueling in Death’s Back Yard, Thomas J. Berger, MD, Miami, FL
El Centro, Andrew Valencia, Columbia, SC
Fine Fellows of the Center, Tim Knowles, Brewster, NY
Garapaima, Mark Spitzer, Conway, AR
Hang Me The Moon, Kate Bullard Adams, Charleston, SC.
Island of Cards, Lori Yarotsky, New York, NY
Jellyfish Dreaming, D. K. McCutchen, Shelburne Falls, MA
Jessica Lost Her Wobble, Jerri Schlenker, Olive Hill, KY
La Doña and The Superhero, Bruce Douglas Reeves, Berkley, CA
Life is Big, Kiki Denis, New York, NY
Little Miss Chaos, Paula Hilton, Fleming Island, FL
Prism, Marie Browne, Henrico, VA
Schrapnel, Andrew M. Swanson, Chestnut Hill, MA
Red Sky At Morning, Ben Keller, Baton Rouge, LA
Resurgius: A Sex Comedy, E. M. Schorb, Mooresville, NC
Rustling of a Wing, Mal King, Santa Paula, CA
Retail, Emily Beck Cogburn and Jon Cogburn, Baton Rouge, LA
Same Pants, Joan Frank, Santa Rosa, CA
Sisters of Circumstance, Julie Weary, Vero Beach, FL
Somerset, S. K. Kalsi, Napa, CA
Somewhere Else, Someone Else, Paul Byall, Savannah, GA
Spirit Lamp, Gerry Wilson, Jackson, MS
Swimming on Highway N, Mary Troy,
Sunn’d City, Matthew Minson, Spring, TX
SYN 11, Melody Riggins, Aiken, SC
Talking in Layers, Susie Slosberg, Bronxville, NY
Thanksgiving, Mary Arno, Clarence Center, NY
Thanotology, Jonathan Rosen, Burlington, CT
The Complete Illustrated Encylopedia of God, George Geier, St. Charles, IL
The Gentle Art of Vitriol, Michael Sumner, Richmond, VA
The Golden Ford, Angus Woodward, Baton Rouge, LA
The Griffin Murders, Jon Gegenheimer, Gretna, LA
The Killer Who Hated Soup, Bill Brier, Thousand Oaks, CA
The Lonely Affair, Robert Raymer, Kuching, Sarawak, Malaysia
The Look Thief, Elizabeth Harris, Austin, TX
The Man in Our Lives, Xu Xi, Hong Kong, China
The Night Was So Young, Kirk Curnutt, Montgomery, AL
The Orange Crush, Christopher David Rosales, Denver, CO
The Sea Change Years, David Blum, Washington, DC
The Sound of Trumpets, Lou Dischler, Spartanburg, SC
The Swan keeper, Milan Marsenic, Polson, MT
The Trouble With Secrets, Amy Martinez Bilger, New Orleans, LA
The Unattended Moment, Marcia Peck, Minnetonka, MN
The Way It Was for Ruby, Marie Parkins, Heathmont, Victoria, Australia
The Winter of Barren Dreams, Thom Brucie, Vidalia, GA
The World Next Door, Jennifer Itell, Arvada, CO
This Life, My Movie, Marion Barnwell, Jackson, MS
Traces of Veronica, Joseph Semien, New Orleans, LA
Trapped, Charles Craig, Decatur, GA
Wilderness, Irene Tervo, Simpsonville, SC
Write, She Said, Gay Walley, New York, NY

A Confusion of Senses
, Stephen Thomas Roberts, Lagrangeville, NY
A Dream Lives On, Alfred Stella, Aurora, CO
All the Valiant Brothers, James Gilliam, II, Warwick, NY
A Quiet Comes After, Michael Sumner, Arlington, VA
Amateurs and Radios, Mary Rowen, Arlington, MA
An Unexpected Gift from a Growling Fool, Robert Raymer, Kuching, Sarawak, Malaysia
A Perfect Wife, Carlton King, Roslindale, MA
A Thousand Ships, Maureen McGranaghan, Pittsburg, PA
Awakening of the Summer, Yukihisa Yorker Kageyama, New York, NY
Awake The God of Day, Glen Wood, Hixon, TN
Bitters in the Honey, Marjorie Robertson, Irvine, CA
Bitter Root, Jenny Williams, Ridgeway, CO
Besotted, Melissa Duclos-Yourdon, Vancouver, WA
Black Sugar, Bernard Smith, Mandeville, LA
Bloodlines, Katharine Woodruff, Cat Island, Bahamas
Camp Happiness, Sharon Solwitz,
Cities of the Dead, Sue McMahon, New Orleans, LA
Dance and Turn, Kent Dixon, Springfield, OH
Dodging and Burning, Kate Baldus, Brooklyn, NY
Double Strand, Julia Franks,
Epiphany, Jan Breen, Glassboro, NJ
Even Bearing Gifts, Amina Lolita Gautier, Chicago, IL
Everyman, Shelly Conner, Chicago, IL
From Mirror After Mirror, Sean Cahill, Cincinnati, OH
From the Love of Strangers, Ellen Michaelson, Portland, OR
From Where They Left Off, Rodney Nelsestuen, Woodbury, MN
Gentle, April Ford, Oneonta, NY
Gift House, Denise Bogard, St. Louis, MO
Glimpse, Melissa Campbell, Madbury, NH
Goldberg Variations, Jonathan Arnowitz, San Francisco, CA
Gold River, Beth Castrodale, Jamaica Plain, MA
Here With the Saints, Paula Younger, Denver, CO
Homes, Derek Kamal, Marietta, GA
Just Kate, Ellen McKnight, Riverwood, IL
King Satan’s Realm, Janet Taylor-Perry, Ridgeland, MS
Land of the Gypsy, Mary Lou Northern, Louisville, KY
Last Rodeo, Teddy Jones, Friona, TX
Lovers Across Time, Jennifer Sault, Sarasota, FL
Mansion of High Ghosts, James McAllister,
Marking the Division, Jacqueline Guidry, Kansas City, MO
Molly and Me, Tom Welsh,
None Shall Sleep, T. D. Arkenberg, Brussels, Belgium
O Jerusalem, Jerusalem!, Gary Harvey, Russellville, AR
Only One Paris, Cindy Corpier, Irving, TX
Ophelia Untold, Alison McLennon, North Ogden, UT
Outta Here, Christine, Fadden, Tenino, WA
Paper Fields, Kelly Gusich, San Diego, CA
Preciosa, Amina Lolita Gautier, Chicago, IL
Purgatorio, Paul A. Barra, Reidville, SC
Pursued by Happiness, Paul M. Bartkiewicz, Sacramento, CA
Redneck, Clayton Williamson, Raleigh, NC
Relative Truths, Tena Russ, Riverwoods, IL
Resurrecting the Night, D. Travis Bland, Cayce, SC
Resurrection of a Bagpipe Man, Steve Kash, Terre Haute, IN
Saleta’s Secrets, Lottie Brent Boggan, Jackson, MS
San Francisco Gold, Mark Mitchell, Taylors, SC
Sear, Julia Franks,
Slava, Lily Ounekeo, Richardson, TX
Soil, Candace Chambliss, Dallas, TX
Sol Seekers, Marie Browne, Henrico, VA
Sugarland Road, Robert Brown Butler, Gainesville, FL
Sunrise Unfolding, Liz Severn, Fargo, ND
The Black Madonna, Karen Nakamur,
The Bloody Bodkins, Paul McNulty, Dublin, Ireland
The Bronx Kill, Philip Cioffari, Fort Lee, NJ
The Circe Spell, Joe Andriano, Lafayette, LA
The Devil’s Back, Marie Parsons, Prestonburgh, KY
The Doctor’s Tale, Claire Applewhite, St. Louis, MO
The Divorce Diet, George Geier, St. Charles, IL
The Girl in the Bathtub, Robert Raymer, Kuching, Sarawak, Malaysia
The Girl Petrona, Ingrid Rojas Contreras, San Francisco, CA
The God of Mumbai Train, Jay Thumar
The Grinding Season, Trisha Hukins, Larose, LA
The Killer Who Wasn’t There, Bill Brier, Thousand Oaks, CA
The Long Trample, Robert Morgan Fisher, Woodland Hills, CA
The Lupin Gene, Matthew Minson, Spring, TX
The Offering, Lisa E. Melilli, Brooklyn, NY
The Other Side of the Shadow, Matt Fabius, Phoenixville, PA
The Promise of Water, A. Crossley Spencer, Summerfield, NC
The Quickness of Life, Melissa Crytzer Fry, Mammoth, AZ
The Resurrection of Jonathan Brady, Robert Raymer, Kuching, Sarawak, Malasia
The Road to Sturgis, George Geier, St. Charles, IL
The SADM Project, James Gilliam, II, Warwick, NY
The Sweet Not Enough, Anne Randolph, Denver, CO
The Swinging Urinal, M. A. Schaffner, Arlington, VA
The Two of Them, Delores May Dahl, Los Angeles, CA
The Walk of Life, Douglas John Moore, Los Angeles, CA
The Wounded, Cully Perlman, Mapleton, GA
Thin Country, Stan Kempton, New Orleans, LA
Tropic of Murder, James McEnteer, Las Vegas, NV
Two Worlds of Lilli Deville, Larkin Edwin Greer, New York, NY
Urram Hill, Christian Fennell, Oakville, Ontario, Canada
Waiting for Fidel, Thomas Sabino,
Wanted, Caren Gallimore. Christiansburg, VA
Wedding Scam, Ania Savage, Denver, CO
When the Hunters Came, Amber Godwin, Conroe, TX
Where the Foxes Say Goodnight, Wendy Roberts, Tucson, AZ
Where the West Ends, Peter Bergquist,
White Roses, Ellen Greenfield, Brooklyn, NY
Wild Horses, Julia Monroe Martin, Yarmouth, ME
Womb, Mary Hutchins Reed, Chicago, IL

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