Another good reason to enter the Faulkner Wisdom Competition: Deadline Looms!

Two More Good Reason to Enter the William Faulkner – William Wisdom Creative Writing Competition:

First, our finalists get published. Josh Russell, who has been a finalist in the Faulkner – Wisdom Competition several times, will have his novel, My Bright Midnight, published in September, 2010. And it’s already getting great comments. Here’s one from Tom Franklin, author of the sensational collection of short fiction, Poachers, which won the Edgar:

I’ve been waiting for more of Josh Russell’s NOLA since Yellow Jack, waiting patiently, most of the time, and now it’s paid off. This book flat out kicks ass in its New Orleans-ness but also in its humanness, a novel firing on all cylinders, amazing characters, killer details, lyrical language and a plot that keeps the pages turning. A book worth the wait and worth its salt, a novel to read and reread, to savor, to treasure.
—Tom Franklin

Both Josh Russell and Tom Franklin will appear at Words & Music, a Literary Feast in New Orleans, November 17-21 as members of the faculty. Tom Franklin’s new novel, Crooked Letter, Crooked Letter, a compelling novel of how two men overcome racial divisions and become friends, is coming out in September, too. Josh’s book is about the collateral damage caused by WWII to one New Orleanian’s life, right on target for the 2010 theme of Words & Music, The Literature of War and Collateral Damage.

Second, Tom Franklin, a great craftsman in the art of fiction, is judging the short story category of the competition this year!

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Postmark Deadline for Faulkner – Wisdom Competition is May 15, 2010
Don’t forget to postmark the hard copy portions of your 2010 entries by May 15.