Publishing Success for Domingue & Durrow!

Ronlyn Domingue of Baton Rouge, a Faulkner – Wisdom finalist with her first novel, The Mercy of Thin Air, (later published to critical acclaim!) updated the Faulkner Society on her recent great news:
“Shambhala Sun has published my first essay in a national print magazine. The piece is entitled “In Every Living Thing.” You can find the publication at newsstands and bookstores across the US, or order one online. It’s the March 2011 issue.
“Remember the saying, A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step? Well, the first draft of Novel #2 is 80 percent complete. My proverbial feet are tired, but I keep going. It’s an epic work–longer than The Mercy of Thin Air–with a more intricate plot. Once I’m finished with the draft and subsequent revisions, then it will be ready to send to my agent…and eventually, my publisher.”

To learn more about this promising author, visit

And Heidi Durrow, debut novelist of the Bellweather prize-winning The Girl Who Fell From the Sky and a faculty member of Words & Music 2010, announced that her book recently landed on the New York Times best-seller list! Learn more about Heidi at

Congratulations Ronlyn and Heidi, and thanks for inspiring us all to greater writing heights.