Save the Date: Stanley Crouch at Faulkner House Books!

Save the Date!
November 9, 2013
Stanley Crouch, Author of Kansas City Lightning: The Rise and Times of Charlie Parker

Stanley Crouch, the noted music authority, author, columnist, and essayist will sign and talk at Faulkner House, 624 Pirate’s Alley, Saturday, November 9 at 2:00 p. m. He has a new book coming about a famed jazz musician, Kansas City Lighting: The Rise and Times of Charlie Parker. No musician has lived a more transformational, or more tragic, life than Charlie Parker, one of the most talented and influential musicians of the 20th century. From the start of his career in the late 1930s, Parker personified the tortured American artist: a revolutionary performer who internalized all of popular music and blew it back through his saxophone in the form of a new music known as bebop—even as he wrestled with a drug addiction that would ultimately contribute to his death at the age of 34.

Booklist gave the new book a starred review and had this to say about the book and Stanley Crouch:
To jazz lovers, the prospect of music and cultural critic Crouch taking on the life of the iconic Charlie Parker carries the anticipation that fans would have had at the great battles of the jazz bands or the cutting contests vividly described here. Crouch captures with novelistic verve the excitement of that period in covering the early years of Parker’s ultimately short life, which contained within it so many warring elements that he has daunted even, perhaps especially, awestruck biographers. Crouch’s eyes are wide open, and he lends his considerable talents to a jazz biography that ranks with the very best.

Trumpet master Wynton Marsalis gives Crouch an the new book high

It takes a lifetime of passionate engagement to write with the intensity and depth of Stanley Crouch. He has spent more than thirty years researching and contemplating the storied life of Charlie Parker, one of Western music’s greatest minds. The results are insightful, profound, and wholly original. A must read, not just for jazz fans, but for anyone interested in American possibilities.”

Publishers Weekly says:
With the straight-ahead timing and the ethereal blowing of a great jazzman, Crouch delivers a scorching set in this first of two volumes of his biography of Charlie ‘Yardbird’ Parker, capturing the downbeats and the up-tempo moments of the great saxophonist’s life and music.

And Kirkus Reviews says:
Crouch, whose journalism has appeared in just about every major venue and whose books have earned widespread critical appreciation, is uniquely qualified to guide readers on this tour. . . . Crouch is a phrasemaker, and the text is chockablock with memorable lines. A friend’s death ‘was like drinking a cup of blues made of razor blades.’ A story rich in musical history and poignant with dramatic irony.

Crouch has appeared at a variety of Faulkner Society events in the past and is always a marvelously entertaining speaker. Open to the public with advance reservations to, the event will include light refreshments. So, do come out an lift a glass to one of America’s great cultural observers and writers, Stanley Crouch.

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