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James B. Borders IV

Borders photo croppedJames B. Borders IV is a consultant specializing in organizational development and capacity building for small and emerging cultural and social-service nonprofit corporations. Borders has previously served as executive director of the Louisiana Division of the Arts; managing director of the National Black Arts Festival; managing director of Junebug Productions (an outgrowth of the legendary Free Southern Theater); founding editor of The New Orleans Tribune; editor of The Black Collegian Magazine; coordinator of major events at the University of Rhode Island; and co-founder of Rites & Reason Theatre at Brown University. Borders is a graduate of Brown University (A.B. 1971, A.M. 1978).


Reader reactions to Borders’ Marking Time, Making Place: An Essential Chronology of Blacks in New Orleans since 1718

“A masterpiece”

“Illuminates the black individuals and groups whose struggles, failures, and successes have become an inextricable part of the city’s historical and cultural fabric. I hope colleges and universities will adopt the book not only for African American Studies courses, but for general Louisiana or American history courses, as well.”

“An essential tool to realizing the nobility of our history and heritage. It is a gift to all of us who desire to fulfill our moral obligation to know and honor this past.”

“The story of Blacks in New Orleans in its uniqueness, also shines light on the greater story of America – slavery in its gut – with all its richness and soul, corruption and despair.”

“Awesome book…Middle and high schools should include it in the school library.”

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