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Agent & Editor Critiques

If you wish to submit work for critiques by an agent and editor, please note that the rules have changed! We require that everything be submitted electronically, along with one hard copy of documents MAILED TO OUR OFFICE.

Those authors registered for the Writers’ Tuition Package or All Events Package have as part of their packages one agent critique and one editor critique. For writers who already are represented, we can offer two critiques by editors. Only the seven winners of the Faulkner Society’s literary competition and those Louisiana authors accepted as scholarship/volunteers are eligible for a complimentary tuition packages with the critiques. Runners-up and Finalists of the competition are eligible for a discount on the writers’ tuitition package, as are students of Louisiana colleges and universities.

In addition to the two critiques included in the Writers’ Tuition and All Events packages, those registered for such packages may opt to pay an additional fee for additional critiques. Each additional critique, whether an agent or an editor, requires an additional fee of $75.

Writers not registered for either package may register for an editor or agent critique at a cost of $100 per critique.

Payment of fees is required at the time writers sign up for critiques. Prior to submitting, please review the guidelines below. Agents and editors are assigned on a first-come, first -serve basis of requests and according to type of work submitted.

1. Write a cover letter in the body of your email to Words & Music stating that you are attending the conference and wish to have manuscript critiques and consultations. You may name the editor and agent you wish to speak with, but please remember, these assignments are on a first-come, first-served basis. We also attempt, as far as possible, to place manuscripts with appropriate professionals. (This cover letter also will be the first page of your snail-mailed copy.)

2. With the email letter, you will need to include the following as a single word.doc or pdf attachment as follows:

A. For Novel, novella, or novel in progress, memoir, history, biography: Contact sheet (your name and all contact info, name of work, type of work, estimated word count of completed manuscript); synopsis (not more than one page single spaced or two pages double-spaced) and 25 to 30 pages, usually first couple of chapters, or some pages you feel are the best example of your writing skills. Total submission 7,500 words, double-spaced, one-inch margins. PLEASE NOTE: CONTACT SHEET, TITLE, SYNOPSIS, AND WRITING SAMPLE MUST BE IN A SINGLE DOCUMENT ATTACHMENT. We will not accept as paste-ins in e-mail message box.

B. For Short Story, Essay, Journalistic Feature (such as travel writing), or Criticism: Contact sheet, and entire manuscript, double-spaced, one-inch margins. PLEASE NOTE: CONTACT SHEET, TITLE, AND WRITING SAMPLE MUST BE IN A SINGLE DOCUMENT ATTACHMENT. We will not accept as paste-ins in e-mail message box.

C. For Poetry: Contact sheet, and selection of three poems. Note: none of the agents and editors who are participating in Words & Music. 2015 accept poetry as a rule. We are offering critiques by established poets who are widely published, however. And participating poets will be conducting advice sessions as well. Contact sheet and Poetry samples must be in a single document attachment. 

Please Note: Once all assignments have been made and work is forwarded to editors and agents, your assigned editor and agent will contact you either by phone or e-mail to make yur appointments for your one-on-one consultations.

3. Since the conference is later, we have extended the deadline for submission. Send your electronic submission to: and put “Manuscript Critiques” in your message header. Put your cover letter in the body of the email. For the hard copy, mail your cover letter and all applicable documents to: Manuscript Critiques, Faulkner Society, 624 Pirate’s Alley, New Orleans, LA 70116.

Important! General Guideline for All Categories

When you are naming your attachments, use your first and last name for the contact page (e.g. Rosemary James.doc) and for your entry use abbreviated title and category (e.g. Blind Love/Novel.doc). It is not necessary to put a variation of “Faulkner or Words & Music” in the title, as this has caused us lots of separating and filing problems, and a lot of extra work changing the titles so we can easily recognize the documents.

Again, you must register with applicable fees before or simultaneously with this electronic submission.  Only competition winners, and Louisiana writers approved by sponsors for scholarship participation may submit for manuscript critiques without paying applicable fees. For pricing details, Click Here!

When you come to the conference, bring several hard copies of your submission. Also, in the case of completed books, bring at least one copy of completed manuscript being critiqued in the event an editor or agent asks to see the entire work.

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